Nud glamour

Nudity tends more and more to be re-accepted at the level of normality in society and represents the purest form of human beings. It has nothing to do with vulgarity or pornography and iti recognized as an art form from most ancient times. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ La granita intre arta si vulgar intotdeauna a existat atractia sexuala a formelor cat si stralucirea senzualitatii feminine. Fie ca e boudoir, fie ca e artistic, nudul imbraca privirile in natural iar spiritul modelului cu incredere in propria persoana. Un echilibru uneori fragil intre curaj si mentalitati nuditatea tinde din ce in ce mai mult sa fie re-acceptata la nivelul de normalitate in cadrul societatii si reprezinta cea mai pura forma a umanului.

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