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I’m Catalin Samoila, photographer and film director. I live in Bucharest but I have done projects also in other cities in Romania and Europe. I hope that the images and movies in my portfolio give you a pleasant impression and we can put together your projects into practice.

The magic of photography is different from reality because it records only fractions of time. Even the film, which needs 24 frames per second, does not capture what human eye observes.

My passion for glamour photography began with my first film camera at school in 7th grade under the guidance of my father, a photographer and amateur artist. But many years passed before this genre became synonymous with my achievement as a photographer.

Currently the second choice and specialization for me has become fashion photography and catwalk fashion shows.

The photography on analog film still represents a special retro atmosphere, often copied by modern media with more or less success. I still make projects on black and white or color film (35mm and medium format 120), some of them being presented here on the blog.

The seed for the moving images was also planted by my father through the 8mm films whose protagonists were from our family. Film/video is a challenge I accepted precisely through the complexity of integrating the elements starting from the script, cinematics, lights, sound and  editing for a final movie.

The experience I gained over time I will make it available to you for the images you desire. You can easily send me all the details and wishes in the Contact section.

Annual fashion shows – accredited photographer & filmmaker :
– Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013, 2014
– Sibiu Fashion Days 2014
– Fashiontv Summer Festival Mamaia 2013-2015
– Fashiontv Romania 2012-2018
– Romanian Fashion Philosophy 2016-2018
– Bucharest Fashion Week 2014-2023
– Feeric Fashion Week 2016-2021
UNArte Gala Bucuresti 2015-2023
Liza Panait Fashion 2017-2019                         
Miss Universe 2017
Soirées de la mode 2017 – 2023

Summer Fashion Gala 2018, 2021

– Official @ MISS ONELIFE Beauty Pageant 2019                                            – Official @ Miss Universe Romania 2021




 Other catwalk presentation:

– Promenada Summer Fashion Show 2014
METHODISTA – PAS DU TOUT Fall/ Winter 2014/2015
Fashion Journey 2015
Paris, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann 2015
– Romeo & Juliet by Florin Dobre 2015
Alexandra Calafeteanu – Reborn 2016
– Official photographer / video Romanian InfoFashion Festival 2017

– Evening Fashion Gala 2017
– Neutral is the New White 2017
Band of Creators’ Pop-up Shop  2017
– Bucharest Charity Fashion Show 2nd Edition 2019
– Revolution is the New Norm 2019

– Moda DallesGO Galateca 2020
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location Studio

A small space meets the requirements of the studio. However, for commercial projects I could rent or use a space suitable for the project, either studio or a certain location.

With or without editing? Photoshop

Sometimes image processing by the camera is sufficient. However, often the light and color need to be adjusted just to make the image more accurate. When the atmosphere of the photo must be completely different, editing in Photoshop occurs. A comparison between the initial and the processed picture can be seen here.

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